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Natitys Design offers you handcrafted jewelry, crafts, and a range of charming and unique gifts to choose from. Take inspiration from the traditional we bring you items with a modern twist. Fitting in perfectly with your day to day lifestyle. We are an eco friendly company that works hard to keep things green. Our designs are brought forward by our designers, offering you completely one of a kind pieces. As each time is hand-crafted now two pieces are identical. Making the one you have more special than you know. Go ahead and explore our eco friendly necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, gifts and so much more.


Here at Natitys Design we offer you a touch of beauty Sri Lanka holds. By understanding the importance of heritage, culture, and fashion forward designs we are able to provide you choices you can pair with classic, punk, gothic, retro, and other fashion choices. Making the pieces we offer an effortless and gorgeous addition to your selection. Something you can easily pair with casual and formal attires. Standing out from the crowd using an elegant yet bold design that fits your budget!